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The aim of this blog is to further the cause of Urdu through poetry (though occasionally excerpts of prose might make their way here also).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hamari Saanson Men Aaj Tak

Performed separately by both Noor Jehan and Mehdi Hassan (to the same tune)
This is a beautiful piece. I will attempt to provide an English translation as well.

Hamari saanson men aaj tak woh hina ki khushbhoo mehak rahi hai

That sweet smell of henna lingers in my breaths even now

Labon pe naghme machal rahe hain, nazar se masti chhalak rahi hai

Songs are undulating on my lips, ardour is spilling over in my gaze

Woh mere nazdeek aate aate hayaa se ek din simat gaye the

She shyly withdrew that day while slowly coming closer and closer

Mere khayalon mein aaj tak woh badan ki daali lachak rahi hai

Her supple frame plays in my mind to this day

Sadaa jo dil se nikal rahi hai woh sher o naghmon mein dhal rahi hai

This cry coming from my heart finds its way in verses and songs

Keh dil ke aangan mein jaise koi ghazal ki jhaanjhar chhanak rahi hai

As if in the garden of my heart, the beat of a poem still rings

Tadap mere bekharar dil ki kabhi to un pay asar kare gi

The pining of my heart will surely have an affect on her some day

Kabhi to woh bhi jalen gay is men jo aag dil main dehak rahi hai

Some day, she too will burn in the flame that yet smoulders in my heart